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Apple Leaf

Apple Leaf
Preparation time Preparation time: 5
Complexity Complexity: 2
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Ingredients: Apple

Instructions: Simple garnishing recipe how to carve an apple leaf

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Step 1.
Pick a nice apple, wash it and cut it to 4-6 wedge shaped slices.
Step 2.
Trim away the core, leave enough of the flesh and all the skin of the apple.
Step 3.
Using a sharp carving knife, cut the clices to the shape of a leaf.
Step 4.
Using the top of the knife, start carving veins of the leaf, making curving grooves.
Step 5.
Cut small notches along the edges of your apple leaf.
Step 6.
Put the apple leafs into a bowl with water mixed with lemon juice to prevent browning. Dry them gently and you're finished!

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