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Banana Shark

Banana Shark
Preparation time Preparation time: 5
Complexity Complexity: 2
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Ingredients: banana, kiwi, sunflower seeds for eyes

Instructions: Few easy steps how to make banana attractive for kids. Bet your kid will eat the shark rather than banana ;-)

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Step 1. Cutting out the mouth
First peel the banana, if it's not straight enough to stand in desired position, cut a small part from the "belly" to make it stable. Then cut out the "mouth" - you will use this small piece for fins, so make it big enough.
Step 2. Attaching fins
The same way you cut out the mouth, cut a smaller piece from the other end of banana. Now try to form fins from the pieces you have, or you can use some other fruit you have by hand.
Step 3. Final composition
You can combine banana with other fruits. This time I used kiwi for the side fins and the "waves" to add some Vitamin C ;-)

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